What I Do?

I grew up surrounded by music and creativity since early childhood. My father had a career in lighting and stage design for theater, opera, music festivals, and clubs. I was raised in these artistic settings, helping him and working along side him in shows since I was a teenager.
My love for music and the stage went through almost all genres and styles – from rock and metal, through dark wave, industrial, hip-hop, hardcore, techno, psytrance, trip hop, reggae, dub and their many sub-genres. I became enamored with the idea of creating original music covers and T-shirts, and designing decorations for parties and festivals. I believe that growing up in such proximity to the performing arts and creativity is what led me on this path, and my dream manifested in full force in Berlin, where the music scene is always on the cutting edge. This gave me the impetus to dedicate myself in this direction, as I was influence by some great performers and musicians.
This is my favorite endeavor, and I think that my experiences in music and stage serve as my inspiration and have shaped my aptitude to express myself visually.
What I can offer:

  • Create and stylize logos for bands, DJs, or artists, in accordance to the style of music they perform
  • Creation of a unique look and font for the inscription
  • Original concepts and cover art for albums, singles and concert recordings
  • Illustrations for specific musical performances/ gig posters
  • Flyers, brochures, posters
  • Decorations for festivals, concerts and clubs
  • Layout designs for music stores, and ideas for studio or club interiors
  • Print designs for merchandise and clothing
  • Pre-printing and production of images for merchandise
  • Photo sessions and ideas for exhibiting a band, artist or DJ

Creating printed brands for clothing

For a long time, I worked with different brands and styles of clothing, and the experience taught me how to organize and oversee all aspects of development of this type of endeavor.
For me, this work is not just a project, but something I hold dear and love, because apart from the pleasure I feel while creating, the completed artwork becomes my lasting imprint. Over time, I realized where my strengths are, as well as how and with what I can help people start their own business, or to enrich and upgrade what they have already started. It is for this that I offer to you my knowledge and experience. I have come to understand just how to do this through my own trial and error- and by making mistakes that have wasted resources and time. Because I have gone down this path on my own before, and realize how difficult every beginning is, I would be happy to impart on you what I have learned and help you to succeed!

I can offer a comprehensive strategy for creating a clothing brand with original prints

I can give advice on the direction of style, as well as formulate image ideas, while doing an extensive search for the best examples in the field.

I can design and create images for a specific brand, or only for a specific collection, taking into account the different types of printing. That is, I can do their pre-printing and editing for printing in parallel with the conception of the images.
This includes:
-screen printing
-digital stamps
-transfer printing

The images I create are always original. Only in this way do they become unique, immaculate and authentic.
I do:
-digital drawing
-image processing and editing
-illustrations on the cut of the garment
-images in accordance with male and female anatomical specifications
-photo processing and editing
-mix of digital and analog illustrations and frames

I can build a vision for the presentation of a brand or a collection,
as well as ideas for designing photo shoots, backgrounds, situations, stylistics, and lighting.
-I can propose strategies for presenting on social media and other Internet modalities; I can edit the photos in such a way that realizes your most creative ideas and exceeds all your expectations to create a cool and attractive finished product.

I can create a logo, imprint the brand, and provide packaging ideas (I have experience in this as well).
And of all the above, it gives me the greatest pleasure to make the brand unique and specific, as well as to make the people who wear the clothing feel special and to want this product time and time again.

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