my name is Andon Georgiev

Аrtistic pseudonym AndonastY

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I am an illustrator, contemporary artist, graphic designer, and visual experimenter in the fields of fashion print design, music festival decoration, and other creative events.

I have been drawing since childhood, and I created my first t-shirt design in 1991 for the Sisters of Mercy.
I studied art history in Berlin, where I first I got my first exposure into the world of street art, festival, and event decoration, and multiple other participations in the art, design, and fashion industries.
I currently live and work in my hometown of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, which in 2019 was voted the annual European cultural capitol.

Over the past few years, I have been working as an independent artist, consultant, and art director for different clothing brands.
My true passion is illustration, which has influenced my work style and helps me envision my projects. I strive for what I do to come from my soul, with effort, precision, and a passion for details.

I work with galleries, individual clients, and indie art collectives.
My art has been featured for multiple well-known international brands, and some of my favorite projects are my collaborations with Nike, Audi, VW group, Converse, Burning Man, GoGO, Tribal Tools- Berlin, Badinka, and many others.
My newest passion project is my t-shirt brand AndonastY, which I am developing with great love and enthusiasm.
I am open to individual projects, collaborations, consultations for clothing print design, and for private or corporate orders.

Brands I worked with:


23.02.2024 – 22.03.2024 DEIK gallery, Delft, Netherlands, solo Exhibition – NoFear

31.01.2024 – 04.02.2024 Rotterdam Art Week, Rotterdam, Netherlands – market exhibition

06.01.2023 – 26.01.2023 MARIA LUIZA Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria Solo Exhibition – AndonastY MindWorx

18.02.2020 – 28.02.2020 KEVA , Bulgaria, Sofia , Solo- exhibition

24.01.2020 – 14.02.2020 PORT-A gallery Bulgaria, Sofia PART OF HEART Festival

12.09.2019 – 30.09.2019 Bar “PETAK” Bulgaria, Sofia 4×4 exhibition

14.12.2018 – 14.01.2019 U PARK Gallery Bulgaria,Plovdiv AndonastY & SON Solo exhibition

17.01.2017 – 12.02.2017 Bulgaria, Sofia NOMAD Exhibition Vivacom ArtHall

10.08.2016 – 30.08.2016 Bulgaria, Sofia, AUGUST ILLUSTRATED, Vivacom ArtHall

09.06.2016 – 08.07.2016 Bulgaria, Sofia Red Point Gallery, Black of White exhibition

09.06.2016 – 17.06.2016 Bulgaria, Sofia Absolute Creative Festival Vivacom ArtHall

19.04.2016 – 30.04.2016 Bulgaria, Sofia #untaggable exhibition Audi Q2 presentation from Advertising Artist

04.02.2016 – 26.02.2016 Czech Republic, Prague Galerie BKL – Praha

03.11.2015 – 26.11.2015 Austria, Vienna Haus Wittgenstein

28.09.2015 – 7.10.2015 USA, New York “So Independent” Film Festival Chelsea Bow Tie Cinemas, Manhattan

25.05.2015 – 31.06.2015 Italy, Roma I love this film – poster exhibition at Casa del Cinema

08.03.2015 – 12.04.2015 Bulgaria, Burgas MIXED UP 3 – Exhibition for modern art

06.06.2014 – 06.07.2014 Bulgaria, Plovdiv One design week – Plovdiv

25.02.2014 – 05.03.2014 England, London W3 Gallery – The Gioconda Project

04.02.2014 – 05.03.2014 Bulgaria, Burgas MIXED UP 2 – Exhibition for modern art

06.12.2013 – 04.01.2014 Bulgaria, Veliko Turnovo solo exhibition at contemporary art gallery “Taralej”

21.06 – 30.06.2013 Bulgaria, Sofia SOFIA DESIGN WEEK

– Koshmart@SDW rakia bar RAKETA

– PlakatKombinat@ A part Mental

05.04 – 21.04.2013 Bulgaria, Varna Koshmart 2 – “Reform your energy” contemporary art exhibition

12.02. – 27.03.2013 Bulgaria, Plovdiv AndonastY @ U P.A.R.K. Gallery – solo exhibition

22.08 – 22.09.2011 Bulgaria, Plovdiv Jazz club KONTRABASS ( old city) – solo Exhibition – paintings & prints

27.05-29.06.2011 Bulgaria, Plovdiv FABRIC club – Custom Paper/prints/- solo Exhibition

25.09-25.10.2010 Bulgaria, Plovdiv BASQUIAT wine&art club solo exhibition – paintings & prints

30.05.2009 Bulgaria, Plovdiv Handmade Day – print exhibition

30.06.2008 Bulgaria, Plovdiv Handmade Day – print exhibition

10.2003 – December 2003 Berlin, Potstdamer Platz, U3 tunel – “FLUIDUM” The first international UV (black light) art exhibition

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